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Spartan Firefight - FAQ

Q. How do I get a player #ID?
A. In order to get your player #ID, you must connect your game to Google Play Games (Android) or GameCenter (iOS) at least once. Click on the top right icon button, then click on Settings. There, click on "Connect" under "Google Play/GameCenter" the game will reboot and ask for the connection.

Q. Where can I find my player #ID?
A. The player #ID can be found in the Progression menu under your username (by clicking on your profile card on top left of the main menu). The player #ID looks like this: #000-123456.

Q. How to play against a friend?
A. Actually you can only challenge your friends in a dedicated score attack mode called "Versus". In order to create a challenge, you must add your friend to you Rivals list in the Leaderboards menu. Click on "Search Player", then enter your friend's #ID (ex. 000-123456 without the # symbol) and click Search. You will see the rank and score of your friend, click on it to show his full profile. Click on "Add rival" button to add this player to your Rivals list. Now, you will be able to find this player anytime in your Rivals list and to create a challenge by clicking the "Versus" button.

Q. Why can't I find my friend with the Search Player function?
A. First, check that the player #ID you've entered is correct, don't put the # symbol (ex. 000-123456). If you've correctly entered the player #ID but you still get an error message like "No record found", it is because the player you're looking for has not registered any score into the leaderboard yet. Ask your friend to play a Ranked game first to join the leaderboard and then try again. Your friend should see his score when he browse the leaderboards.

Q. How can I restore my data?
A. This game use a cloud save system that is updated each time you play a game when you are connected to internet. In order to get your savefile updated to the cloud, you need to connect your game to Google Play Games/GameCenter into the game settings. You will get a player #ID that will be used to save and restore your data. To recover your data, just connect your game to the same Google Play Games/GameCenter account and the game will download your last savefile from the cloud.

Q. Android: How to connect Google Play Games?
A. Download and install Google Play Games from the Play Store.
Launch Google Play Games and connect to your account or create a new one.
Relaunch Spartan Firefight and go it the game settings, press the connect button under Google Play.
The game will reboot and ask to select your Google Play Games account.

Q. iOS: How to connect Game Center?
A. Go to iOS Settings and activate Game Center (you may need to create an account).
Relaunch Spartan Firefight and go in the game settings, press the connect button under Game Center.
The game will reboot and connect to your Game Center account.

Q. What is the VIP status?
A. VIP status is a sort of thank-you-item. It gives you to acces to a dedicated leaderboard, it also gives you a VIP emblem displayed in your stats and in the leaderboards. And finally, it gives you access to the VIP Selection where you can choose any Red vs Blue game mode to play as you wish.

Q. Can I play with the same account on iOS, Android, Xbox One and Steam?
A. Yes! All you need to do is to link your main account to your secondary device, for example, from your Android device to your Xbox One. Launch the game on both devices, then go to settings and press "Accounts linking". Then copy the password (it expires after 3 minutes) from your Android device and paste it to your Xbox One and voila!


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